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Modeling the Extreme Clipper YOUNG AMERICA 1853

VOLUME 2: Deck Fittings and Pre Rigging

by Edward Tosti

The package for book two contains a 224 page, 9”x12” hard cover book with hundreds of photos, 8 pages of color, one sheet of plans and a CD.

SeaWatch Books presents the second book on Ed Tosti’s incredible model of the extreme clipper Young America 1853. Volume II, subtitled Deck Fittings and Pre Rigging, includes chapters entitled Weather Deck Enclosures, Rails, Capstans, Bilge Pumps, Windlass, Helm, Anchors, Forecastle and Poop Detail, Boats, Outer Hull , Preparing for Masting and Rigging and a color section.

Ed goes into great detail on the materials, tools and techniques for every part. His text is accompanied by hundreds of photos. Every modeler and student of 19th century construction can benefit from this detailed work, and modelers of any century craft can learn from Ed’s methods of construction. This is truly a master class in ship modeling.