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Frigates of the Royal Navy HMS EURYALUS (36) 1803

A Plank on Frame Model, Volume I

by Allan Yedlinsky and Wayne Kempson

9"x12", hardcover with jacket
164 pages of text, photos and drawings. 14 sheets of plans
CD of frames

This will be a plank on frame model using David Antscherl’s upright method. Euryalus was part of Nelson’s fleet and served at Trafalgar. This book is part one of a two-part series. This volume covers building a model through the lower deck. The second part, to be published in 2012, will complete the model.


Part one contains 14 sheets of plans in 1:48 using multiple colors for easy interpretation and use. All of the frames’ drawings, showing front and back of each one, will be found on a CD in the book. They can be printed out from your computer on 8 1/2X 11 or A4 paper.


The text and photos will take you through the building process. Passages from the ship’s log and an actual builder’s contract are included.