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VAISSEAUX (les) de 50 et 64 canons


50- AND 64-GUN SHIPS 1650–1780 AN HISTORICAL STUDY Accompanied by an original monograph of the period at 1:48 scale By M. Bigot de Morogues




Volume One: 24 x 31cm format, full blue-grey cloth binding, sewn sections with headband, laminated inside dust jacket, with a four-color illustration of the prow of the 64-gun ship L'Artésien on the cover. 350 pages, 227 different drawings, photographs and illustrations, 32 lists of name boards and graphics, 115 gr paper, with two 4-color inset plates. The first is a copy of the jacket illustration, the second represents the complete model of L'Artésien.

Volume Two: Excerpts from Bigot de Morogues' manuscript, ten large plates (1:48 scale) offering a precise description of the 60-gun ship from 1740 to 1750. Multiple fold-out plates in 90 gr paper, in a laminated 4-color folder similar to the inside dust jacket of volume One.




Essay on the origin of the royal fleet: 17th-c. research toward a theory of construction of these ships.
The regulations of 1670-71-73
Counsel on construction
Inspection of shipbuilding
Individuals and theoreticians
Conclusion: the statute of 1689
Official texts: 1670-71-73-89

Evolution of the ship in the 18th century
From master-builders to engineers
The Paris School
The French Naval Academy
Statutes of 1765-72 and 1723-1785
Theoretical works
The end of an era, the 1786 Project
Annual lying down of ships and their builders, 1650-1722 and 1723-1785

Conceptual methodology
The groundwork
The so-called primary method
Method "de la tablette et du trébuchet"
Arc method
Equilateral triangle method
Blaise Pangalo's method
Graphic Method by Projection of Plans
Project for a 64-gun ship

Evolution of the 50- and 64-gun ship
Preliminary remarks
Observation on artillery
Observations on length
17th-c. evolution
50-gun ships List 1660-1696
64-gun ships List 1670-1694
18th-c. evolution :
50-gun ships
List 1700-1759 (50-gun ships)
64-gun ships
50- and 64-gun ships on the high sea
List 1730-1778 (64 -gun ships)
Various representations of 64-gun ships on the high sea
Excerpts Manual dedicated to the royal Navy in 1755
Notebook of various operations

Complementary data
Accommodations on 64-gun vessels
A note on artillery
A note on masting and sails
The evolution of extension of length
A note on costs
A note on the weight of the 64-gun ship
The laying down of ships of the line 1660-1779
Recapitulation list of 50- and 64-gun vessels

M. Bigot de Morogues's manuscript
Presentation of the manuscript
On the art of drawing plans of elevation
On the art of drawing moulds
Ship's construction in practice
A sample décor
Ten plates interspersed in the text

A variety of ship's models of 64-gun vessels
Model of the Prince de Parme (about 1748) - 37 views
Model of the Bien Aimé (about 1750) - 44 views
Model of the Artésien (1765) - 25 views
Model of the Assuré (1745) - 6 views
Model of the Vengeur (1766) - 5 views