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PLANS du Saint-Philippe au 1/48
Italien - Monografia completa - 1/36e
Italien - Monografia completa - 1/72e
Italien - Monografia completa - 1/48e
English - Complete monograph - 1/36e
English - Complete monograph - 1/72e
English - Complete monograph - 1/48e
Français - Monographie Complète au 1/36e
Français - Monographie Complète au 1/72e
Français - Monographie Complète au 1/48e
43 PLANS du Saint-Philippe au 1/72
43 PLANS du Saint-Philippe au 1/36
POSTER de L'HERMIONE AU 1/72 90 gr plié
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The Saint-Philippe – 1693

Jean-Claude LEMINEUR

This monograph is dedicated to one of the most prestigious vessels of Louis XIV Navy.
45 large format plates showing the full description of the vessel.
The monograph weighs 4.5 kg!


• 220 page brochure containing the source, the history and reduced-scale plates with commentaries


• 16 page full-color booklet showing details of admiralty-style rigged models
• 45 large format plates showing the full description of the vessel. (The sails and The Saint-Philippe under sail 1/96).


Chapter 1 – Presentation of sources
1.1 Data defi ning the general architecture and construction elements
1.2 Elements of decoration
1.3 Colors used in the days of the Saint-Philippe
1.4 Discussion about the theme of the decoration
1.5 Origins of vessels of the class of the Saint-Philippe
1.6 State of the Navy after 1692.


Chapter II – Flag-carrying vessels
2.1 Saint-Philippe, 1662–1692
2.2 Royal Louis 1668–1697
2.3 Soleil Royal 1669–1692.


Chapter III – The Coulombs, father and son and the Toulon naval constructions.


Chapter IV – Evolution of bronze guns casting.


Chapter V – Summary of the Saint-Philippe’s operational career.


Chapter VI Description of the timber structure.

Construction of the vessel accompanied by 31 reducedscale plates.


Chapter VII Drawings and commentaries of the plates.


Chapter VIII Commentaries on photographs of models.


au 1/72


 Taille du modele  Longueur  Largeur  Hauteur
 Coque  86  24  32
 Modele gree  105  42  90


au 1/48


 Taille du modele  Longueur  Largeur  Hauteur
 Coque  129  36  48
 Modele gree  158  63  135


au 1/36 


 Taille du modele  Longueur  Largeur  Hauteur
 Coque  171  48  63
 Modele gree  210  84  180


45 plates

Pl.1 Schematic elevation of the vessel
Pl.2 Schematic plan
Pl.3 Body plan
Pl.4 Construction of the head
Pl.5 Construction of the stern-frame
Pl.6 to Pl.14 Profile of the frames.
Pl.15 Elevation of the timber framing
Pl.16 Longitudinal section without furniture
Pl.17 Longitudinal section including furniture
Pl.18 Cross-section of the stern at station frame VI aft
Pl.19 Cross-sections at station frames V aft to III aft
Pl.20 Cross-sections at frames II aft to the main middle mould
Pl.21 Cross-sections from the main middle mould to frame II forward
Pl.22 Cross-sections from frame III to V forward
Pl.23 Plan of the hold
Pl.24 Arrangements in the hold and orlop deck
Pl.25 Plan of the first deck timber structure
Pl.26 Plan of the first deck including furniture
Pl.27 Plan of the second deck timber structure
Pl.28 Plan of the second deck including furniture
Pl.29 Plan of the third deck timber structure
Pl.30 Plan of the third deck including furniture
Pl.31 Plan of the quarterdeck timber structure
Pl.32 Plan of te quarterdeck acomodations and poop deck timber structure
Pl.33 Elevation view of the planked hull
Pl.34 Elevation view of the decorated hull
Pl.35 Structure of the stern and quarter-galleries
Pl.36 Decoration of the stern and head
Pl.37 Furniture I Anchors artillery galley
Pl.38 Furniture II Rudder capstan bitts
Pl.39 Furniture III hatches longboat boats
Pl.40 Decoration and furnishings of the accomodations
Pl.41 Mainmast spars
Pl.42 Foremast spars
Pl.43 Mizzenmast and bowsprit spars
Pl.44 Sails (1/96 scale)
Pl.45 The St-Philippe under sail (1/96 scale)

Translated by François Fougerat

Model under sail by José Tuset
Michel Magerotte's single shell model