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Plans FELUCCA 1759 - 1/24
Plans FELUCCA 1759 - 1/36
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N.S. del Rosario FELUCCA – 1759

Franco Fissore Translated by FrancoisFougerat

A 200-page booklet, 130 of which concern the construction of the model
20 plates necessary for the construction of the timber frame

Booklet of 130 color pages on the construction of the felucca:


Captain and owner Pietro Garibaldi’s felucca Nostra Signora del Rosario (Our Lady of the Rosary) which is presented in this monograph is an example of a typical sardine-fishing vessel of Sanremo (Liguria). Built in the Porto Maurizio yards and launched in 1759. She was under the control of the Most Serene Minister of Health of the Republic of Genoa. As compared to feluccas intended for other functions, those intended for fishing had a characteristic rig. The very large sail surface, difficult to handle while fishing, was carried on a short and stubby lateen yard, capable of imparting power and resistance to the vessel by preventing it from capsizing in a hard blow. In some cases, lateen yards could have a

diameter approaching that of the mast under the top, as was the case with a pianella (a variant of the felucca) of 1766 that we discuss in the text.
An exceptional documentation comprised of 292 photos and 99 drawings supplements the plates and allows the reader to follow the complete construction of the felucca step-by-step. Experienced modelers, as well as those more recently interested in the subject, will find in the text, complete information including the making of special tools facilitating the construction of the model.



A 200-page booklet, 130 of which concern the construction of the model, and 8 pages in full color.
The monograph contains the 20 plates necessary for the construction of the timber frame, with one plate in full color showing the felucca N.S. Del Rosario.




1 Schematic elevation, vertical section
2 Fore and aft and transverse timber frame
3 Spread-out view of the fore-and-aft timber frame.
4-5-6 The 36 assembled frames and spread-out view of the frames
7 Timber framing, including parts of the ceiling.
8 Framing and internal arrangements.
9 Developed view of beams, carlings and waterways
10 Framing and deck planking
11 Plan view of the stern without the wings
12 Planked hull
13 Overhead view, details of the «cadrega»
14 Cross-sections
15 Elements of furniture
16 Masts, spars and blocks
17 Sails and flags
18 Sails and running rigging
19 Plan view showing runing rigging locations
20 Side view.


Translated by Francois Fougerat