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MONOGRAPHIE DU MERCURE – Navire marchand – 1730


THE MERCHANT SHIP in the Ancien Régime An Historical study and a Monograph with all plans of the timber works



Volume One: 24 x 31 cm format, full blue-grey cloth binding, laminated inside dust jacket representing an 18th-c. commercial ship by J. Vernet.
250 pages with abundant plans, tables, graphics and reproductions of historical iconographical documents.


Volume Two: 24 x 31cm format, laminated folder with the same reproduction
as v. 1, 30 plates (see list) with multiple fold-outs, instructions on building the frame
and model of the "Mercure" at 1:48 scale. 30 page companion text, paper cover, square spine.




Volume I: History of the Ship


Chapter I The theoretical base
Ship's burden and tonnage, calculation of displacement, weight, sundry notes, expenses.
Chapter II Technical Information
Major proportion of the merchant ship, sundry measurements of accommodations, proportions of building equipment, dimensions of hewn timber, remarks on the frame, proportions of the rigging.
Chapter III Constructing the ship
Aspects of the merchant ship, its conception, specific study of a sample ship, a note on construction.
Chapter IV Typological essay on the commercial ship
17th-c. commercial vessels. Western Mediterranean (barks, pinnaces, vessels). Eastern Mediterranean (tartanes, barks, polaccas).
18th-c. commercial vessels. Western Mediterranean (cutters, coasting luggers, schooners, brigantines, brigs, trysails and three-masters), Eastern Mediterranean (tartanes, pinks).
Chapter V Use of the Ship
Arrangement of the seaboard, western havens, eastern havens, commercial activity in the ports, western ports, eastern ports, preparation of merchandise, stowing the cargo, loading the Mercure before departure from Bordeaux and upon her return from the islands, remarks on the ship's tonnage, Atlantic routes, some thoughts on the ship's burden.
Store and transport ships in the royal fleet.
Conversion of measurements
Source and bibliography.


Volume II: Monograph on the Mercure.


The textual commentary complements the material in the first volume. Rules of rigging, showing the successive steps in making rigging, illustrated by a suite of drawings.
A collection of twenty-nine plates at 1:48 scale and one plate at 1:60 scale including:
1 - Schematic view
2 - Cross-sections
3 - View of the wooden hull
5 - Plan of the hold
6 - Plan of the lower deck
7- Plan of the upper deck
8 - Plan of the forecastle deck
9 - Transversal sections
10 - Longitudinal section
11 - Various details of the timbers
12 - Building the head
13 - Building the stern
14, 15, 16, 17 - Sketch of the ribs
18 - Plan of the hold
19 - Plan of the lower deck
20 - Plan of the upper deck
21 - Plan of the forecastles
22 - Transversal sections
23 - Longitudinal sections
24 - View of the upper works of the hull
25 - Front and back views of the hull
26, 27 - Fitting
28, 29 - Masts and spars and their rigging
30 - The Mercure under sail at 1:60 scale.