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Plans L'Aurore navire negrier 1/24
Plans L'Aurore navire negrier 1/36
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MONOGRAPHIE DE L'AURORE – navire négrier – 1784

Jean Boudriot Scale 1:36

Slave ship H. Penevert, Builder 1784 A Monograph and History Contains complete plans of the timber works





144 p. booklet, 24 x 31cm format, including: History (95 pages)
- Presentation of sources
- Study of the slave ship
- Description of the Slaver L'Aurore
- Account of a slave-trading expedition
- Capital. Crew. Food supplies. Merchandise
- The voyage from France to Angola
- Routes of the triangle voyages.
- Trading Outcome
- Life on board. Voyages on the St. Domingue coast
- A sojourn in America. The return voyage.


Monograph at 1:36 scale (49 pages).
- Commentary on the plates.
- Nails Fastening
- Rigging rules. Vocabulary.
- Commentary on 39 photographs of the ship's model built by M. Lava.


Set of 47 plates at 1


36 scale (except plates 45 and 46) including:
- General view, water lines, sections.
- Elevation of the woodwork.
- Keel, timbers.
- Hold, false deck, deck, and forecastle.
- Longitudinal sections.
- Cross sections.
- Boats and anchors.
- Various elements of fitting.
- Drawings of all frames and ribs.
- Masting, rigging, and sails.


Ancre Jean Boudriot, Hubert Berti Collection Archéologie navale Française