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Plans Le Commerce de Marseille 1/36
Plans Le Commerce de Marseille 1/48
Français Le Commerce de Marseille 1/48e Complete monograph
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Le Commerce de Marseille, 1788

Gerard Delacroix

The booklet and drawings are offered in the firm folder by the sizes of 24х34х9 cm on which jacket the trekhdechnik under sails, original work of Jean of Belize is drawn.

110 page booklet in which you will find the brief historical information on the ship, its design and the biography to Sana'a are attached to drawings. As usual, you will find detailed explanations and comments on each sheet of drawings.                                                                                                                                                                      The model’s dimensions (L x W x H) are as follow ( 1:48 scale):
Hull only: 1.60 m x 0.36 m x 0.43 m
Hull with masts and yards: 2.07 m x 0.80 m x 1.50 m
                                                                                                                                        The monograph contains 34 sheets of drawings in scale 1:48
Body framing members
Frames and riders
Canted frames
Structural frame
Latrine and stem
The covering is lower than waterline
Longitudinal section on the body
Lower deck
First deck
Second deck
Third deck
Tank and quarterdeck
Poop and notes for L'Orient
Topside view
Longitudinal section
Efficient things
Front view on the ready body
View from nose and stern
Masts and yards
Marsa, salinga, ezelgofta and blocks
Sails (scale 1:96)
Distributing of the ends of rigging
Type of the ship under sails (scale 1:72)
Contents of the booklet:
Jean Boudrio's preface
Ships of the first rank (trekhdechnik) of the end of the 18th century
Team and supplies
Short history of the first five korableyzhakuy to Sana'a (1740-1831)
Comments and explanations for all drawings
Metal parts
Coloring of the ship
Rigging elements
Size table