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Plans L'Amarante 1/24
Plans L'Amarante 1/36
Français L’Amarante- Complete monograph
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L’Amarante 1747

Gerard DELACROIX in scale 1:36

110 pages the book and a set from 32 drawings. Format of the book of 24х31 cm. The monograph and drawings are stored in the folder fitted by fabric of blue color with a jacket.

Book contents:
Corvettes in 1740–50
Illustrations of evolution of corvettes
Comments on drawings of La Palme
Three corvettes of Joseph-Louis Olivier
Comments on decor of three corvettes
Comments on 32 drawings of the monograph
Metal parts of the ship
Wood in construction of the ship
Size table of spar
Photos of model of the ship in scale 1:48
Set of 32 drawings in scale 1:36 (except the drawing 27 (scale 1/72) and drawings 29-32 (scale 1/48)) includes:
Body line (1)
Body line (2)
Body line (3)
Keel, stem and stern frame, etc.
Frames (1)
Frames (2)
Frames (3)
Structural frame, outboard profile
The body with covering
Aftercastle deck and tank
View of the deck with section
Arrangement of boards of flooring
Hold and partitions
Rooms on the deck
Deck superstructures, guns on upper deck
Body, longitudinal section
Detailed schemes of efficient things
Rigging cleats, shell plating, gvozdevaniye
Crow's-nests and saling
The spar equipment in scales 1/36 and 1/48
The ship under sails (1)
The ship under sails (2)
Fastening of tackles on the body
The theory in scale 1/48