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LA SALAMANDRE – Galiote à bombes – 1758

Monograph with 34 plans in 1:48 by Jean Boudriot - Hubert Berti English Translation by David H. Roberts

MONOGRAPH 138 page with thirty-four plates at 1:48 scale including all timbers plans and interior accomodations of the ship.




A 138 page brochure, 24x31 cm format, including:


- The history of bomb ketch in the French style, and the history of other sea-mortars holders.
- The description of the French bomber galiot and its use.
- La Salamandre 1752–1791 – a detailed report of the 1765 campaign.
- The Bombardments of the Moroccan ports of SALE and LARRACHE.
- Detailed commentaries giving extensive explanations of the thirty four plates at 1:48 scale.
- Commentaries on thirty-one photos of the model of a bomb ketch of the period, 1:18 scale.
- Complete nomenclature of fittings and rigging.


A 38-plate set including:


- 1 color plate giving the color scheme of the period
- 3 plates with detailed commentaries on the blocks
- 34 plates at 1:48 scale representing:
- Details of the timbers, with all the frames and details of the head and stern structures at 1:48 scale.
- Details of the fittings
- Details of the rigging.