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Plans LA FLEUR DE LIS - 1/36
Plans LA FLEUR DE LIS - 1/48
LA FLEUR DE LIS Louis XIV ' galley 1690 - Complete monograph - 1/48e
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LA FLEUR DE LIS Louis XIV ' galley 1690 in scale 1:48

Gerard Delacroix

The 240 page booklet and the 26 plates with drawings

For over 3,000 years, galleys sailed throughout European waters in various shapes and under different names, from the sun-drenched Mediterranean to the mists of the Baltic Sea. Originally a commercial vessel, the galley was soon transformed into a war ship in the ancient world and reached the zenith of its technical development in the 17th century, before disappearing in France during the 1750s.                   The plates include a drawing of the framework of the entire ship, which will allow the ship’s model builder to complete his model with completely accurate proportions. In conclusion, nearly fifty colour photographs of a ship’s model in various stages of completion illustrate this extensive 240 page.

                        Size of the built model:

The model measures at 1/48 ° (L x W x H):
hull only 1.14 m x 0.20 m x 0.19 m
with masts and rigged 1.14 m x 0.50 m x 0.68 m                    
Reminders on the history of the galleys
General considerations
Sources and bibliography
Description of the main parts of a galley
The theory of design and its application
Proportions of a galley from the 1690s
The mould and their use
The longitudinal timbers
The building site
Manufacturing and assembly of frames
Interior planking and deck structure
Exterior planking of hull and deck
The "talar" and the "rais de coursier"
The "rambade" and "conilles"
The head and the "tambouret"
Space for oars.
The "cavalet" and the "fougon"
The stern
Equipment of the galley
Artillery and weapons
Anchors and cables
The rudder
The boats
Launching, caulking, painting and tallowing
Arrangements of the hold
Ballast and stowage
The art of oars
The masts and spars
The rigging of the galleys around 1690

The sails
Rigging (masts, spars and sails)
Tents and flags
The men of the galley
Comments of the 26 plates
Tables of scandling
Photographs of a model in progress
Lexicon                                                                                                                                                                              The list of the 1:48 scale plates; including all the framing timbers

1 - Schematic elevation, sections
2 - Longitudinal timbers
3 - Drawings of frames and "baccalas" (1)
4 - Drawings of frames and "baccalas" (2)
5 - View and elevation of the framing
6 - Outer planking
7 - Inner hull lining
8 - Deck
9 - Interior fittings
10 - Cross sections
11 - Construction of dead works (1)
12 - Construction of dead works (2)
13 - Construction of dead works (3)
14 - Construction of dead works (4)
15 - Construction of "tambouret"
16 - Construction of "conilles" and "rambade"
17 - Construction of the stern
18 - Plan view
19 - Elevation
20 - Total view with oars
21 - Front and rear views
22 - Details of equipment parts
23 - Mast and blocks
24 - Sails and flags
25 - Rigged elevation
26 - Belaying points